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A Short Poll For Your Enjoyment

This past week I have been reading through a new website I found called Busted Halo.  It is “an online magazine for spiritual seekers,” primarily from a Catholic perspective (at least as far as I can tell).  This got me thinking about how people view Catholics.  Would you consider a Catholic to be a Christian?  … Continue reading

The Demarcation Problem

Generally, the demarcation problem refers to the difficulty in deciding where and how to distinguish between what is science and what is not.  You can probably see how this is relevant to religion, and I’m sure you can guess that the problem of deciding the borders between religion and science goes back a long time. … Continue reading

The Badger’s Dissertation

This is an excerpt from “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White.  In it, a badger tries to explain to the future King Arthur why man has dominion over the animals.  I’ve always thought it was an interesting version of the creation story.  Anyways… ‘People often ask, as an idle question, whether the process … Continue reading

Christianity Quiz

Not too long ago I came a cross a website called Changing the Face of Christianity.  Their stated mission is to “[Reverse] Christian intolerance, hypocrisy, homophobia, judgmentalism, and other negative Christian stereotypes, by helping Christians to be more like Jesus Christ.”  I haven’t yet looked at all the content of their website, but I like … Continue reading

Amazing Grace on Electric Guitar

I came across this video the other day and I thought it was worth passing on.  I’ve always liked Amazing Grace, but I think the electric guitar version done in the video is fantastic.  The message of the song has also been one that has always brought me comfort – that no matter what our … Continue reading

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